Kauppakeskus Kaari contact details

Kauppakeskus Kaari is located in Northern Helsinki in Kannelmäki:

Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

You can contact us by using this feedback form or by phone 010 766 8000 (prize of the call 0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min) Monday-Saturday 7-21, Sunday+public holidays 9-19.

You can also get in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram

Kauppakeskus Kaari Personnel

Shopping Centre Manager

Virpi Tuupanen

Marketing Manager

Piia Veikkolainen

Technical and Property Management

Pekka Halimaa

Shopping Centre Coordinator

Juulia Valli

Long-term leasing

If you're interested in renting a space from kaari, please contact us here.

Short term leasing/Pop-Up's

Ina Henriksson


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