Services available at Kauppakeskus Kaari

WC and invalid-WC

You can find the washrooms on the 1st floor close to the main entrance to Prisma and on the 2nd floor located next to Stadium, Friends&Brgrs and Kiddie Park.

Otto-ATM, Automated Payment Machine and TalletusOtto

There are 3 locations where you can find an ATM machine.

  1. Located outside the main entrance.
  2. Under the central escalator on the 1st floor.
  3. Inside Prisma.

TalletusOtto is also located under the central escalators next to the ATM. TalletusOtto can be used to make a cash deposit directly into your bank account. In addition, you can also find the Nordea Automated Payment Machine located next to S-Bank.

Bottle recycling station

The bottle recycling station is located on the 1st floor between Musti & Mirri and the Information Desk. You can use the bottle recycling centre during Prisma's opening hours.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

All services at Kauppakeskus Kaari have been designed to provide easy accessibility to people with disabilities. The parking hall at the shopping centre offers dedicated spots located close to the entrance to provide easy access. In addition, the parking hall is also equipped with elevators designed for disabled individuals.

Invalid restrooms are available on the 1st and the 2nd floors.
First Floor: Next to the main entrance to Prisma.
Second Floor: next to Stadium and next to Kiddie park.

At Kauppakekus Kaari you can also find 4 wheelchairs. The wheelchairs can be acquired from the fire cupboard located in the parking space. Please remember that the wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance.

Storage Lockers

You can find storage lockers for general goods located by the entrance to Prisma. The storage lockers are meant to be used for short-term storage.

Postal Services (Post Boxes and Automatic Post Lockers)

Automatic parcel lockers (Posti) are a convenient way to send and receive packages. The Posti lockers work with a convenient SMS code. You will receive a text message after your parcel has arrived. You can use the code present in the SMS to pick your parcel. Automatic Parcel Lockers (Posti) are located in floor -1. 

Automatic parcel Lockers to pick up your parcel from Matkahuolto, PostNord or DHL Express are in the 1st floor, close to the Laulukuja entrance.

The mail box is located outside the main entrance to the shopping centre. You can buy postal stamps from Prisma, R-kioski or the Suomalainen Bookstore.


You can find the RINKI containers for recycling regular household waste such as plastic, small metallic items and glass in the parking lot next to the ABC Petrol Station located outside Kauppakeskus Kaari.

On the 1st floor, next to Laulukuja exit, you will find UFF's indoor collection boxes. You can donate usable clothes, home textiles, accessories, bags, shoes and toys. Please pack your donation in a closed plastic bag, it is the best way to protect textiles from dirt and moisture.

From -1. floor (same lobby as Puhelinhuolto) you will find Emmy's clothes collection box. The idea of Emmy's operation is to give used brand clothes a new life as easily as possible.

Next to Emmy's clothes collection box in -1. floor you will also find a HSY collection point for discarded textiles. Dry, unusable clothes and home textiles are eligible for disposal textiles collection. Textiles should be packed in a plastic bags to prevent getting dirty and wet. 

Play Room

Take a shopping holiday! You can find a diaper changing room and play room on the 2nd floor. There is a microwave for heating baby food, changing table, bathroom suitable for children and many games. The room fits 12 children at once.

Play Room opening hours:

MON-FRI 9.30—19.30
SAT 9.30—17.30
SUN 11.30—17.30

You can find changing tables inside the Invalid washrooms located on the 1st and the 2nd floor inside Kauppakeskus Kaari.

Pet friendly

Kauppakeskus Kaari is a pet friendly shopping centre. Pets are allowed in the shopping centre's common areas. Individual stores may have their own pet friendly policies so remember to always check if it's okay to enter the shop with you pet.

WiFi (Kaari Wlan-Network)

Kauppakeskus Kaari offers fast Wlan network to all the shoppers free of charge! Our customers can connect to Kaari's Wlan network while shopping and enjoy limitless connectivity. You can join the Kaari Wlan network while you're inside the shopping centre.

Visit the address to connect to the network and discover all the latest sales and offers at the same time.

Taxi Station at Kaari

Located by the main entrance on Kantelettarentie.

Shopping Carts for Adults and Children

You can find shopping carts located by the front entrance and inside all the parking areas. Shopping carts are locked and can be unlocked using .50 cents, 1 Euro and 2 Euro coins.

Remote Work Space Konttori


Konttori is an open and free remote work space on the third floor of our shopping centre. Work, study or read. Use of the office is free of charge. We want to encourage all users of the Konttori to respect communality - work together to keep the place tidy.

Imagine having a private workspace anywhere, any time. Now you'll find that in Kaari! Easy and private space for meetings or remote working. Spacehubs are made of premium materials which feel great, but are also easy to clean.  Air - Spacehub replaces its air every 90 seconds. Surface - Anti-bacteria covered. Stay protected and refreshed

Spacehub Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 7 AM - 9 PM

Sat: 7 AM - 7 PM

Su: 7 AM – 6 PM

The use of the Spacehub-pod is 10€/h or 49€/day.

The use of spaces has never been this easy before. Spacehub app brings private workspaces just two clicks away. Download Spacehub app from Google play store or App Store. Through Spacehub app you can find, reserve, open and pay your Spacehub. In Spacehub you can easily have meetings without disturbance or worries about privacy leaking. Due to the soundproof walls, safety and peace is always guaranteed.   

Reserve - Now or until 7 days in advance

Pay - By credit card or through a corporate account 

Spacehub - Make the city your office 


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