Kaari is a dream destination for people using their own car. Kaari has plenty of space for parking, with a total of up to 1700 cars. Parking spaces are located in three different parking areas: the yard, the garage and the roof.

Parking control in Shopping Centre Kaari is operated by Aimo Park.

Parking is free for the first three hours in the garage and the roof. The new parking system is based on automatic identification of the registration number. When driving into the garage or roof park, the camera recognizes your car's registration number and the parking starts. You don't have to do anything when you drive in. And you don't have to do anything when you drive out if your parking has lasted less than three hours.

If you enjoy Kaari and stay for more than three hours, the parking price after three hours is 0.50 €/ 30 min. Parking can be paid for with

  • Easy pay stations located near the doors of paid parking spaces,
  • Taskuparkki app that is available for download on your smart devices, or
  • invoice sent to your home with an invoicing fee of 5€/parking. The invoice will be sent automatically unless you have paid for the parking in another way.

The yard parking areas on the west side of the shopping center have allowed parking time of three hours. When parking in these areas, use the parking disc to indicate the start time of parking. Aimo Park's parking attendant goes around to monitor the yard parking area.

Using the Easy pay station

You can also pay for parking at a pay station before leaving by entering your car's registration number and following the on-screen instructions.

If the pay station does not find your car's registration number after two attempts, it offers you the option to manually pay for your parking fee. Simply enter, as accurately as possible, the length of your parking after which you will normally pay for your parking. This way you won't get the invoice afterwards and you avoid the invoicing fee.

Setting up the Taskuparkki app

You can download the Taskuparkki app for your Android or iOS phone from the App store. Once downloaded, complete the registration in the app and accept the terms and conditions. Enter your payment card information, your car registration number and activate camera identification choosing the no confirmation at the gate option. After that, you can easily park without accessing the pay station and the app will always charge your debit card according to the correct parking time.

If you have any questions or problems with the Taskuparkki app, you can contact Taskuparkki customer service:
Tel. 020 781 2461 (Mon-Fri 7–21.30, Sat 9.30-19.30, Sun 11.30-19.30)

See the most frequently asked questions about parking here


Electric and low-emission cars

We have parking spaces for low-emission cars and 25 electric car Plugit-charging stations near the entrance to the moving walkways. Charging electric cars is subject to a charge (0.16€/kWh, in addition, Plugit charges the customer 5% of the transaction value and an unregistered customer for an additional 0.99€/charge) and requires a Plugit application. During the opening hours of the shopping center, it is possible to charge electric cars from 7 am to 23:00. The electric car charging points feature instructions on how to operate the stations. The amperage and kilowatts used by charging slots are 3 x 30 amps (i.e. about 20 kW).

HOK-Elanto has opened an ABC high-power charging station with 12 charging points. Car can be charged in minutes at best. The charging station's dynamic power distribution (800kW) enables the most efficient possible charging for several cars at the same time. These charging points are also located in the shopping centre's parking garage so you can conveniently charge your car during  a shopping trip. Charging points are open 24/7.


Accessible parking and family spaces

Accessible parking spaces are in the parking garage, near the entrance. By showing disabled parking permit and your ID at the Prisma info, you will get free parking for 5 hours. In addition to the disabled parking permit, you can show some other official document to prove your right to accessible parking.

Kaari also features wider family spaces to make it easier to get to the car and back with a baby carriage and shopping carts. Family spaces are located near the entrances.

A tip to make everyday life easier: wash your car during your shopping trip by visiting the Carwash in -1. Floor. The parking during your visit will be provided by Carwash.