The Kaari parking garage and roof park feature an Aimo Park gateless parking system based on automatic license plate camera identification during the entrance and exit. When driving to the parking premises, a picture of your car's license plate is saved in the system and your parking starts. You can follow the parking time through the Taskuparkki app or the web app ( or check the parking time at a pay station, based on your registration number, when leaving. 

You can park in the garage and in the roof park free of charge for 3 hours. If you park for less than the free time, you can drive out of the garage without visiting the pay station.

Please make sure that your parking has been paid for before departure if you have stayed more than 3 hours. You can pay for your parking by entering your license plate number at the pay station or Taskuparkki mobile or web app ( If the parking has not been paid in the aforementioned ways, Aimo Park will send you a paper invoice afterwards with an invoicing fee of 5€.

The yard parking is an express parking lot. Here you can park free of charge for 1 hour. Please use a parking disc in the yard park. Parking is supervised by parking attendants.

In the Kaari parking garage and the roof park you can park free of charge for 3 hours, after which the price is 0.50€ per starting 30 min.

In the express parking lot in the front yard of Kaari you can park for 1 hour free of charge. Please use a parking disc.

You can pay for parking at a pay station based on your license plate number, or with the Taskuparkki mobile or web app ( If parking is not paid, Aimo Park will send a paper invoice afterwards with a 5€ invoicing fee. The most common debit and credit cards are accepted for the pay station and the Taskuparkki app.

The parking system is based on automatic license plate camera identification, which is why the camera captures the car's license plate when you check in and out.

You can register as many cars as you want in the Taskuparkki app.

You will receive a receipt from the pay station when you pay for your parking and enter your email address. When paying with the Taskuparkki app, you will always receive a receipt for paid parking in your email with which you are logged in. If you did not collect the receipt or have destroyed it, please contact Aimo Park Customer Service:

You can pay for parking with the Taskuparkki mobile or web app ( The easiest way to park is to just arrive, park, and leave the premises: your car is automatically identified by the registration number and the payment is done directly through the app.

In the unfortunate event that the system does not recognize your registration number at all when you leave, Aimo Park will find out the fault as soon as possible and we will terminate the parking manually afterwards.