Location, Parking and Travel instructions

Kauppakeskus Kaari is located in the Northern Helsinki region of Kannelmäki. By car you can reach the shopping centre via Kehä I (Ring 1) and Hämeenlinnanväylä.

Kauppakeskus Kaari
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

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Arriving with a car

From Ring 1 take the Kannelmäki ramp and follow the road signs for Kannelmäki and Kaari.

From Hämeenlinnanväylä take the Ring 1 ramp westwards and then the first intersection to Kannelmäki after which you will see Kaari.

Read more about parking here.

Arriving with a bicycle

It's convenient to arrive to Kauppakeskus Kaari with a bicycle. We have a covered bicycle parking by the western entrance. Non-covered bicycle stands are also available by the other entrances.

Arriving by Public Transport

Using the Bus

Kantelettarentie: 41, 43, 56.
Ring I: 54, 554, 554K
Hämeenlinnanväylä: 411, 415, 415N, 421, 431, 431N, 435, 436, 436N, 436K, 455, 456, 457, 465, 480, 485, 486.
In front of Kaari: Lähilinja 31, 32, 36.

For more details, please check the Travel Planner.

Using the Train

Regional trains P and I. You can take regional trains P and I from Kannelmäki and Northern Haaga train stations. The length of the journey from these train stations is about 1 km.

Arriving with a Taxi

Kauppakeskus Kaari has its own taxi station located in front of Kaari's main entrance.


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