Location, Parking and Travel instructions

Kauppakeskus Kaari is located in the Northern Helsinki region of Kannelmäki. By car you can reach the shopping centre via Kehä I (Ring 1) and Hämeenlinnanväylä.

Kauppakeskus Kaari
Kantelettarentie 1
00420 Helsinki

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Arriving with a car

From Ring 1 take the Kannelmäki ramp and follow the road signs for Kannelmäki and Kaari.

From Hämeenlinnanväylä take the Ring 1 ramp westwards and then the first intersection to Kannelmäki after which you will see Kaari.

Free parking

Kaari is a perfect shopping destination if you're arriving with a car. At Kauppakeskus Kaari we have 1700 spacious parking spots. The parking spaces are located in front of the shopping centre, covered parking inside the parking hall and roof top parking. Each parking hall has clear instructors to help you find a parking space easily.

Kauppakeskus Kaari also offers parking spaces for motorbikes and provides specific charging stations for hybrid and electric cars. You can also find invalid parking spots conveniently located near the entrance to the shopping centre.

For families there are extra spacious parking spots are situated near the entrances to make travelling with baby strollers and unloading your shopping from a large shopping cart more convenient.

You can park your vehicle for 5 hours in our parking facilities. Please remember to use the parking puck before leaving your vehicle when parking at Kauppakeskus Kaari.

Top Tip: You can use our Carwash-service on the -1 floor to get your car washed while you are shopping. .

Arriving with a bicycle

It's convenient to arrive to Kauppakeskus Kaari with a bicycle. We have a covered bicycle parking by the western entrance. Non-covered bicycle stands are also available by the other entrances.

Arriving by Public Transport

Using the Bus

Kantelettarentie: 41, 43, 56.
Ring I: 54, 554, 554K
Hämeenlinnanväylä: 411, 415, 415N, 421, 431, 431N, 435, 436, 436N, 436K, 455, 456, 457, 465, 480, 485, 486.
In front of Kaari: Lähilinja 31, 32, 36.

For more details, please check the Travel Planner.

Using the Train

Regional trains P and I. You can take regional trains P and I from Kannelmäki and Northern Haaga train stations. The length of the journey from these train stations is about 1 km.

Arriving with a Taxi

Kauppakeskus Kaari has its own taxi station located in front of Kaari's main entrance.


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